24/7 energy matching for C&I and residential clients: the retailer’s role

Powerledger is supporting green energy retailer ekWateur to provide hundreds of thousands of French energy consumers with granular visibility over their renewable energy – and allow them to choose their own energy mix – leveraging blockchain technology.

In order to achieve a fully decarbonized power system, a fundamental shift needs to be made from accounting for carbon neutrality on a yearly basis by offsetting carbon emissions to matching electricity consumption with renewable generation at all times. The first step to accomplish such matching is providing consumers with near real-time visibility over their energy sourcing, offering them the required information to make data-driven, smart decisions on their energy procurement.

Powerledger is enabling their 24/7 energy platform Vision to allow French retailer ekWateur’s customers to visualize their renewable energy provenance on a granular basis. Customers can visualize their mix of energy sources for every interval of 30 minutes, being able to even choose their preferred energy sources in terms of type of generation plant and location (as far as generation from such plant is available).

The Powerledger platform offers a clear visualization of the customer’s energy consumption matched with the granular generation data from ekWateur’s energy sources as well as from grid electricity utilization. Using Powerledger’s blockchain technology, the supplied energy is tracked and traced from the generation source down to its point of consumption, providing a secure and cost-efficient digital record of every supplied kWh. Customers can access the information from their energy procurement at any time, improving data transparency and trust on their renewable energy provenance, and facilitating reporting and auditing duties for the retailer.

Going beyond granular visualization, ekWateur’s customers can express the specific energy generation plants they would like to support, through the platform feature “Choose your energy mix”, and ekWateur will match most of their energy consumption with their preferred energy source. This way, ekWateur offers their customers greater energy transparency and empowers them to take action in the energy transition. The first stage of the project started in 2021 incorporating 200 customers, and is planned to be expanded to ekWateur’s whole customer base of around 300,000 customers in France.

Through this partnership, ekWateur and Powerledger enable a large base of customers from both residential and commercial sectors to visualize how much of their consumed energy is renewable on a granular basis, and make smarter choices on their energy sourcing.

This first-of-its kind project shows the important role of the electricity retailer as an enabler of the transition towards a 100% renewable energy system – making 24/7 energy matching accessible for every energy consumer, no matter the magnitude of their consumption.

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