Mercedes-Benz producing cars with 100% renewable energy 100% of the time

In 2020, Mercedes-Benz and Statkraft have inked a deal on an industrial scale including a highly credible and sustainability-driven concept for a 24/7 solution called “Pure Statkraft PPA”.

Mercedes-Benz approached Statkraft with the following task: To enable the procurement of 100% renewable power 100% of the time for their own production sites and offices in Germany starting in 2022. They wanted to overcome a common challenge in renewable energy procurement: that the generation of renewable energy is intermittent and existing solutions could not guarantee their demand for 100% green energy around the clock.

The goal was to source the power mainly from Germany and thereby bringing new renewable energy onto the grid with the development of new plants. Electricity needs had to be fully met with a mix of solar, wind and hydropower.

Statkraft started to tailor the individualised 24/7 solution for Mercedes-Benz by analysing the company’s load profile to identify the exact solar and wind PPA combination fitting their needs. The modular nature of Statkraft’s 24/7 PPA allows to make an individual choice for a renewable combination from wind, solar and hydro, while securing 100% clean energy around the clock. With Statkraft’s hydropower portfolio providing the green flexibility needed to fill the gap between intermittent solar and wind production and Mercedes-Benz’ individual load profile Statkraft enables supply to fit power demand even on a quarter-hourly basis. Power is generated simultaneously to consumption at a 15-minute granularity. This solution fulfils both Mercedes-Benz’ aims: the build-out of new subsidy-free solar projects as well as the continued operation of wind onshore assets dropping out of the support by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in Germany. This front-running concept called “Pure Statkraft PPA” has been certified by an independent authority (TÜV) for its additionality components and the simultaneousness of generation and supply.

The benefits for Mercedes-Benz are obvious. By linking production and consumption around the clock the 24/7 PPA not only supports the company in delivering on its sustainability targets. It also enables them to make a highly credible claim – since power consumption is measured and power is delivered demand based.

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