24/7 energy matching for C&I and residential clients: the retailer’s role

Powerledger is supporting green energy retailer ekWateur to provide hundreds of thousands of French energy consumers with granular visibility over their renewable energy – and allow them to choose their own energy mix – leveraging blockchain technology. In order to achieve a fully decarbonized power system, a fundamental shift needs to be made from accounting […]

Achieving 100 percent renewable energy with 24/7 monitoring in Microsoft Sweden

In 2020, Microsoft announced that it would be the first hyperscale cloud provider to track hourly energy consumption and renewable energy matching in a commercial product using the Vattenfall 24/7 Matching solution for its new datacenter regions in Sweden, starting in 2021. In 2020, Microsoft announced that it would be the first hyperscale cloud provider […]

24/7 CPPA in NL

  This pilot will match one of Microsoft’s Amsterdam datacenter’s hourly energy consumption with Dutch offshore wind. Microsoft will be a flagship customer of the integrated 24/7 solution, which will enable Eneco’s customers including Microsoft to have access to FlexiDAO’s 24/7 renewable energy matching tools at scale. Microsoft engaged with energy supplier Eneco and software […]

Enabling 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Solutions

In 2020, Google set the ambitious goal to decarbonize its electricity supply completely and operate on 100% carbon-free energy, every hour, everywhere, by 2030, spearheading the 24/7 carbon-free energy trend. In 2021, ENGIE and Google signed a set of innovative agreements to supply Google’s two new data centers in Germany with a guarantee of 80% […]

Google and AES partner with world-leading 24/7 carbon-free energy solution

In September 2020, Google announced its world-leading goal to operate on 100% carbon-free energy at all times by 2030.  However, Google set this goal knowing that a 24/7 carbon-free energy solution, where demand in every hour of every day is met with carbon-free sources, didn’t yet exist. AES and Google partnered together to develop a […]