Supplying real time electricity data to enable 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030

ElectricityMap supplies hourly consumption mix and carbon intensity, enabling Google to assess its progress towards matching all operational electricity use with locally sourced carbon free sources 24/7. Today, corporate actors that want to lead the effort against climate impacts by buying enough carbon free electricity to cover their own usage must contend with times and […]

24/7 CPPA in NL

  This pilot will match one of Microsoft’s Amsterdam datacenter’s hourly energy consumption with Dutch offshore wind. Microsoft will be a flagship customer of the integrated 24/7 solution, which will enable Eneco’s customers including Microsoft to have access to FlexiDAO’s 24/7 renewable energy matching tools at scale. Microsoft engaged with energy supplier Eneco and software […]

Google and AES partner with world-leading 24/7 carbon-free energy solution

In September 2020, Google announced its world-leading goal to operate on 100% carbon-free energy at all times by 2030.  However, Google set this goal knowing that a 24/7 carbon-free energy solution, where demand in every hour of every day is met with carbon-free sources, didn’t yet exist. AES and Google partnered together to develop a […]

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