24/7 in Norway – Next step in renewable procurement

Through this demonstration project, Unicorn, Statkraft, Tibber and Statnett, aim to demonstrate the feasibility of issuing GOs with hourly granularity and matching them to the consumption profile of a chosen consumer and disclosing the renewable consumption.

The project will prove the following:

  • Hourly issuance and matching can be achieved within the EECS GO scheme;
  • Hourly GOs can work within the existing IT systems used by issuing bodies and the AIB hub

Statkraft worked with Tibber to create a hierarchy of demand, with Statkraft first delivering local production, followed by neighbouring price areas, backed up by Norwegian hydro assets. The project utilizes the Statkraft asset portfolio in Norway to ensure 24/7 renewables are being consumed at all hours of the project, however also highlights the complexity of delivering 100% renewables 24/7.

Additionality is achieved as we are ensuring the consumption is renewable 24/7 – highlighting the necessity for flexible renewable generation.

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